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As an architectural design firm we appreciate quality design and craftsmanship, but place an even higher value on the relationships we have built with our clients and industry colleagues over the years.


We are proud to have many long standing relationships with other Architects, Interior Designers, Kitchen Designers, Landscape Architects, Site Engineers, General Contractors, Custom Fabricators and most importantly, Repeat Clients.

We are also exceptionally proud of the many projects we have completed over the years with Dawn Heifetz, NYRA of DPH Designs, LLC. Having worked together for over 15 years, Hildie and Dawn are able to provide a seamless full-service experience for your project. Hildie and Dawn closely collaborate on all aspects of a project, from the exterior architectural design to the form and function of the interior spaces.

Below are just a few examples of recent projects completed by Lazar Architecture, LLC in collaboration with DPH Designs, LLC.

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